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Composite Motors’ series of brushless DC motors are made possible by our proprietary materials and design. All Composite Motors clad metals are manufactured in-house at our sister company, Composite Modules, and are used for electronic substrates, where they achieve maximum thermal transfer. Composite Motors’ compact hermetic electronic driver enclosures utilize this technology, and by design, handle impressive amounts of power.

Each package is integrated with a BLDC motor, heat sink, amplifier, controller, and a planetary gear reducer. Employing custom stator designs and special in-house winding equipment, the motors’ high-density slot fill allows it to produce formidable power densities. We offer gear motors in a variety of ratios, speeds, torque and power ratings.

All of our motors have been tested and proven to withstand harsh environments such as salt water submersion and extreme ambient temperature conditions.



Composite Motors offers a unique line of high-performance BDCM controllers. Models available include both printed circuit types and Hi-Rel hermetic packages. Powers range from fractional to integral horsepower. Composite Motors utilizes the latest in advanced controller technologies such as Digital Signal Processors (DSP) and High Voltage ASIC’s integrated with our proprietary High Power Drives. All controllers are made to last and perform in hostile environments. The drivers are hermetically sealed, and the entire unit is Class B Autoclavable at 134°C.


Motor Gearboxes

Composite Motors has the solution for lower speeds and higher torques with our gearheads. We manufacture all gears and reducers in our in-house gear shop, assuring the right match in the smallest package as well as complete control over quality and delivery.Gears and reduction units are available in several types:

  • Single and Multiple Stage Parallel Shaft Spur Gear
  • Single and Multiple Stage Planetary
  • Wide range of ratios
  • Integral to Motor Housing
  • NEMA “C” Face Mounting
  • Stand-alone Units
  • Available with any Composite Motors motor: DC or Brushless DC



All motors are high-quality BDCM and Switched Reluctance motor rotors; our BDCM rotors incorporate Composite Motors’ patented magnet sleeve technology and are OD ground to very close tolerances to allow for minimal air gap clearances. All of our products can be supplied with your choice of magnets, the number of poles, and shaft configuration—including a laminated core. Our laminated Switched Reluctance rotors can be provided in various pole configurations and are made with laminations that have been manufactured in-house using our proprietary processes.



Our world-class motor laminations feature high permeability magnetic iron materials and precise, burr less stamping operations and proprietary oxidation. This process produces an excellent electrical isolation finish without varnish or other insulating materials. Our in-house toolmakers have quick turnaround and can provide the best lamination to fit your requirements.



All wound stators are made ready to install to your specifications and begin with our laminations assembled into stacks using the Composite Motors proprietary equipment and processes. The stators are wound on proprietary automatic winding equipment and can install windings into slotted stators with bore sizes as small as ½”. Prior to shipping, all wound stators are tested for coil resistance, Hi-Pot for insulation quality, and other checks in line with your specifications.



Our machinery has incorporated the latest in PLC based control, servo controlled axes, user friendly HMI, robust electrodes and power delivery systems. Using special materials and components unique to Composite Motors we include hermetic glass-sealed packages and lids—including leakage rates that are verifiably at the limits of all available tests.


To learn more about our unique solutions get in touch with one of our experts to find out how we can serve you.

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