Custom Built Solutions for your Harsh Environment Needs

- Raw Materials to Raw Power -

Custom Built Solutions for your Harsh Environment Needs

- Raw Materials to Raw Power -

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CMI has been creating electronic devices including Brushless DC Motors, Motor Drivers, Gears, Hermetic Enclosures and special proprietary materials, all with components and parts manufactured in the United States in one of our two vertically integrated factories located in Brooksville, Florida and Attleboro, Massachusetts. Our products are all built to last and perform in harsh environments and are developed and designed in-house.

We are in full control of production and truly know the ins and outs of every single product meaning we can provide our clients with the best customer service and can fully integrate any of our products into complete custom systems that will meet your specific needs.

CMI is committed to collaboration and confidentiality.

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Why Composite Motors?

The name Composite Motors / Modules [CMI] stems from the meaning of composite materials—the combination of two or more different elements that when combined produce a material with unique characteristics unrelated to the individual components. We construct distinct composite materials which have granted us various patents. Our motors and modules are specially designed and offer various benefits such as enhanced heat transfer and better performance. Each one of our products has been designed and built for a variety of purposes meaning we undoubtedly have a solution for your needs.

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Schedule a call to share your project with one of our experts. You’ll explore what we can do to help, and we’ll begin building a plan that gives your project more of what it needs.

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Whether you’re in the process of writing your specifications or you’ve hit a stopping point in your project, our team of experts will evaluate and discuss the best path forward.

Build Upon Deliverables

Leverage our expertise and experience to enhance your projects with continued support and predictable deliverables throughout each phase of your project deployment.

What Our Customers are Saying!

“Excellent working relationship, top quality finished product, innovative ideas.”

Medical Device Manufacturer

“You and your principal were very quick to respond to meet our needs. You delivered the design as promised while being easy to work with and always being there to address any issues when needed.”

Large Multi-national Medical Device and Systems Supplier

“Timely deliverables provided in a clear and concise manner. Your team was professional and friendly, and communicated via phone, email and in-person meetings.”

Defense Industry Supplier

A History of Performance

Since 1965 we have been committed to delivering high quality and high precision electronic products for extreme environments. CMI has met the continuous demand from industry leaders for smaller size, greater functionality, and innovative electronic devices that operate in harsh environments.

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