The made in the U.S.A. products of Composite Motors,     Inc. and Composite Modules include Brushless DC Motors,     Motor Drivers, Gears, Hermetic Enclosures as well as   special proprietary materials. They all have the   characteristics imparted by the company's foundation of     "Raw Materials to Raw Power".  These products are truly   Made in the USA, in one of our two vertically integrated   factories located in Brooksville, Florida and Attleboro,   Massachusetts. 

     We process our own raw materials for hermetic   enclosures, power dissipation substrates and electrical   interconnect junctions. 

     All tooling for stamping and assembly of stators, rotors,   winding equipment and injection molds are designed and     built in house. 

     The same is true for circuit design, board layout and   power plane assembly.  

     CMI specializes in incorporating our products into   complete custom systems to meet our customer's   requirements.